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Calla Lilies or Alcatraces.
Homage to Diego Rivera


Mexican Embassy in Wellington
11-29 Februry 2016

Homage to Frida Kahlo (90 x70 cm)

$ 3500

Offering (90 x 70 cm)


15 October - 7 November 2015

New Zealand artists approach the landscape with a diversity of styles and a range of interpretations. We see it while comparing for example the works of Charles Heaphy, Rita Angus and Michael Smither. Our ideas are also an interpretation of our iconic landscape, or in this case the Wellington cityscape, but as seen through the lens of our artistic 'camera'. We think of these paintings as a creative variation on the theme of a camera objectively recording 'inside views', but in our case the black box of our camera is our artistic imagination, the image on the film (canvas) is not dispassionately objective, but creatively subjective. In the series 'Inside View' we look out at our cityscapes through a window and create an artistic vision of life using as our 'template' the philosopher Edmund Husserl's concept of the 'lifeworld'.

Edmund Husserl introduced the concept of the lifeworld in his The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenemenology (1936): 'In whatever way we may be conscious of the world as universal horizon, as coherent universe of existing objects, we, each "I-the-man" and all of us together, belong to the world as living with one another in the world; and the world is our world, valid for our consciousness as existing precisely trough this "living together".' 

The lifeworld can be thought of as the horizon of all our experiences, in the sens that it is the background on which all things appear as themselves and meaningful.



Home rodeo (91x122cm)                $ 6.200

Urban safari (122x91cm)                   $ 6.200

After Spring (90x70cm)                      $ 3.500

Woman Seashell  (92x92cm)      Immerging (92x92cm)

The Mover in the Lonely Planet
3rd edition of Discover New Zealand

Shadow in the Bush Exhibition
12 July - 4 August 2014


Mother Nature (92x92cm)                    $ 5.800


Shadow in the Bush


Out of the Bush (122x91cm)
acrylic on canvas


Union Tree (122x122cm)
acrylic on canvas


New Born Icon (122x122cm)
acrylic on canvas


Nature's Womb (92x92cm)
acrylic on canvas



Dark Light Exhibition
31 January-14 February 2014

Art News Summer 2013 Editorial

Night Birth (170x100cm) 
acrylic on canvas

Sparks on the vulcano (122x90cm)
acrylic on canvas

South Side Story (122x122cm) 
acrylic on canvas  

Initiation (90x70cm) 
acrylic on canvas 



Happy Pacifica (120x100cm) acrylic on canvas


 Piano III (122x91cm)  acrylic on canvas

'The Wall Jumper'
on the Berlin Wall, 1989



'The Wall Jumper' (5m x 11m) is a historical Peace Monument that symbolises Liberty. Gabriel Heimler painted it in 1989 and restored in 2009
for the 20th Aanniversary of the Fall of the Wall.


'The Mover'
on the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington
opposite Te Papa National Museum, 2010

'The Mover',  mural (8m x 9m) on the frontage of the Museum Hotel in Wellington, one of the top ten Art Hotels in the world.
'The Mover' represents a move of the Museum Hotel in 1993 that made way for the National Museum Te Papa built just across the street.

'The Mover' was voted the second-best outdoor art work in Wellington in 2011.

Room 42
in the Berlin Luise Art Hotel, 2009


A room designed and painted by Gabriel Heimler in the Luise Kunst Hotel in the center of Berlin. The windows of the room view the Reichstag, the German Parliament.
Gabriel played with the view and created a mirror effect. His 'Wall Jumper', a symbol of liberty, is there and remains about his original in the East Side Gallery, on the Berlin Wall, one of the most visited historical monuments in the capital.